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The podcast about sustainable financial policy

About the podcast

We need new perspectives for financial policy and must ask the right questions:

Why can government debt be a good thing? How do bad rules for the financial markets drive up your rent? How can we make fiscal policy that focusses on the interests of people with low incomes?  Why is it so important that budgetary policy is gender-equitable? 

You can hear discussions on these and many other topics in Money Matters, the podcast about a sustainable financial policy with Anna-Lena Kümpel and Green MEP Rasmus Andresen. In each episode, the two meet exciting interview partners and discuss the really important aspects of financial policy with them in a way that everyone can understand and join in.

Currently, 17 episodes have been published. The topics range from the mechanisms of general price increases to feminist financial policy and the very big financial issues of intergenerational justice. Money Matters is a podcast by and with Rasmus Andresen, produced by BosePark Productions. Concept: Jonas Illigmann

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About the hosts

Rasmus Andresen

Rasmus is a Green politician from Schleswig-Holstein and has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2019. He is in favour of an ecological, climate-friendly EU, promotes an independent European digital policy and protects minorities. As spokesperson for the German Alliance 90/The Greens, Rasmus coordinates the work between Berlin and Brussels and represents the European position of his party. He is a member of the Budget Committee, where he advocates the sustainable use of EU funds for climate protection and poverty reduction. He is also a member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. Rasmus is also active in digital issues, in particular as a deputy member of the Committee on Industry, Energy and Research.

Committed to promoting minority and human rights, he is part of the LGBTI* intergroup and strives to make the EU a union of minorities and human rights. As a representative of Schleswig-Holstein, Rasmus endeavours to bring EU funds for digital infrastructure, environmentally friendly mobility and social projects to the region.

Born in 1986 in the Ruhr area and raised in Flensburg, Rasmus became involved with the Green Party at an early age. After studying in Copenhagen and a formative time in the Danish parliament, he returned to Flensburg in 2009 and represented the interests of his home town as a member of the state parliament and vice president of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament, particularly in areas such as digitalisation and Europe.

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Anna-Lena Kümpel

Anna-Lena Kümpel is a moderator and moderation trainer with roots in the German start-up scene. She began her career at the startup magazine Berlin Valley in Berlin. From there, she explored the German start-up hotspots and eventually fell in love with the Rhineland. 

She is an expert in start-ups and innovation, enough of a nerd to enjoy working at deep tech events and enough of an optimist to speak on stage about how we can shape the future even better. Anna-Lena Kümpel has been a regular presenter on stage at business events since 2016. Her favourite topics are innovation, digital, entrepreneurship, personal development and new ways of working. 

She moved to the Rhineland in 2017 and managed all startup activities and the Digital Hub Cologne's founder network until June 2021. Anna-Lena Kümpel has been working full-time as a moderator and moderation trainer since July 2021.

Her passion is to work every day with people who always think one step ahead and put their energy into new things.

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Jonas Illigmann


PHONE +49 (0) 160 9646 3148 

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About the production company

BosePark Productions GmbH is an audio production company from Berlin. With its own recording studios for audio and video, BosePark offers full-service podcast production from the idea to the conception to the final distribution in the audio sector on all platforms

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